For Buyers.....


Buying a property is generally a daunting process, however, with the right information and advice it doesnt need to be so scary! We have attached some great informaton below which you can download and print. It is a great idea to read as much as you can about the process in buying real estate as the better understanding you have, the easier and less stressful it will be.


* Home Buyers Survival Guide (click on the separate sections below)

This Guide is published by DOCEP and provides a really comprehensive guide to buying property in Western Australia.

   Part 1 - Planning

   Part 2 - Buying a Home

   Part 3 - Building a House

   Part 4 - Special Features

  • Housing choices for over 55's
  • Safety in the home
  • List of contacts

* Guide to Your Real Estate Purchase

This is a fantastic Guide which provides you all the information you need to know about purchasing Real Estate. A great idea to print and keep handy to read throughout the settlement process

* Guides issued by Department of Commerce

    Property Settlement Guide

   Guide for Buying Vacant Land

   Termite Inspection Guide

   Sale by Offer and Acceptance Guide

* Stewart Title Insurance Brochure 1

* Stewart Title Insurance Brochure 2

* Change of Address - Flyers

Click on this link to open up a Word document so you can print flyers advising of your new address. Give them out to all your family and friends. All you need to do is insert your name/address etc..

* Change of Address - Checklist

Print out this check list to keep handy so you can remember who you need to contact about your change of address. 

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